New developments

Our R+D


New generation of multifunctional aqueous adhesives in constant development for the production of active and intelligent packaging. The Smartack series are adhesives for the production of flexible packaging that protect the packaged product from oxidation. We are also developing new multifunctional adhesives for different active packaging: antimicrobial, resistance to UV light, among others.


Our Flextack product range is dedicated to Flexible Packaging. Products in constant growth due to innovations and market trends. Our R&D department develops new technical and application characteristics according to the needs of our customers. Adhesives, coatings, heat seals, cold seals... If you have any need focused on the flexible packaging sector, don't hesitate to find out about all our new developments.

Technological Services Innovations

Samtack, from its R+D department, is committed to innovation as the axis of its development and growth, following the criteria of the UNE 166002 standard and collaborating with research technology centers and universities. In its desire to serve the market in an increasingly useful way, Samtack offers the technological services that its clients need, such as training courses, new designs, technical reports, food certifications, migration studies, etc.

Sustainable Adhesives

At Samtack we have always been concerned about the environment and the most sustainable market trends. For this same reason, from the Samtack R&D department we have invested in researching eco-friendly developments and we have created new adhesives that meet this vision. One of the most well-received products on the market is the range of recyclable products, and our latest great development is the range of compostable products, which complies with all certifications.

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